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Manuscript Evaluation

Improve the flow of your writing • Identify inconsistencies in your plot • Clarify areas of ambiguity • Identify weak areas that slow the story • Eliminate stilted dialogue


Set up a writing schedule • Mentor you on your writing journey • Read your work in progress and provide helpful suggestions • Act as a sounding board for your ideas • Guidance on achieving your goal

Additional Services

Developmental editing • Proofreading and copy editing • Marketing and promotional suggestions

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What People are Saying About Me

“Kathleen worked as our marketing director at Cave Art Press for five years. She evaluated manuscripts and gave recommendations for the best ones for publication. Kathleen has a talent for picking out gems. Her insight was invaluable in the publication of several of our books. I have high regard and trust in Kathleen’s ability and integrity, plus she is a joy to work with. She undoubtedly will do a great service to your project or business.” —Réanne Hemingway-Douglass, Publisher and Writer

What People are Saying About Me

 "I attended Kathleen's class on 'Book Proposals' at the Write on the Sound conference in 2016, and she elevated my writing to a new plateau. I have thirty-five years' experience in aviation and no experience in writing. A great help for a neophyte like me." —Captain Art Krull, retired-Delta Airlines Pilot and Short Story writer

What People are Saying About Me

“Kathleen Kaska’s red pencil and encouragement have made me a better writer and improved my abilities to take a story from beginning to the end.” —Karla Locke, author of The Blood Stone Queen

What People are Saying About Me

"I attended Kathleen's class on Book Proposals. Her instructions and  hand-out proved invaluable. I sent out proposals on my new book to only two publishers, and both responded with offers." —Stephen Orsini, Nightmare on the Scottie

What People are Saying About Me

“Kathleen Kaska has been immensely helpful to my writing, from helping me in developing dialogue and incorporating an element of angst, as well as an assist with my grammar. I cannot think of a more excellent writing mentor.” —Mary Ann Birkbigler, Writer of Essays and Short Stories

What People are Saying About Me

“I am very grateful to Kathleen for doing an extraordinary job of editing my book; her attention to detail is amazing.” —Dr. Bill Maynard "

What People are Saying About Me

Kathleen has been invaluable as a mentor, and through the mentoring relationship, she has also become a trusted friend. Kathleen is supportive and honest. She is an excellent editor and gives constructive and meaningful suggestions. Kathleen is honest and direct with her coaching and editing, but she has a gift for presenting in a way that is educational and not personal. She is also an excellent writer in her own right. —Elizabeth Bishop

What People are Saying About Me

I highly recommend Kathleen Kaska to anyone looking for an exceptional writer.  I have had the pleasure of working with Kathleen and have been consistently impressed with her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to connect with readers on an emotional level.  Kathleen has a true passion for her craft. —Chris Homan

What People are Saying About me

As someone who worked with Kathleen in the publishing world, she knows her stuff! Excellent editor, writer, and communicator.  —Cecilie Miller